Applying Data Alternatives With the Data Detail Function

The Data Facts window and Data Point Tooltips / both utilize similar graphic dialogue boxes to show similar descriptive information about an Excel info point. Yet , the Data Point Tooltip shows the data point on a single range, while the Data Info eye-port displays a graphical demonstration of the info. Both of these equipment are extremely ideal for navigating through large amounts of information. Both of these dialog boxes could be activated by pressing the correct shortcut primary when the mouse button is constrained over them.

In order to build the desired result, either for these tools should be used on a clear data stage or graph and or chart. When a info point looks, the data factors selection need to be dragged to a different location in the chart. A custom setup button need to be included in the chart’s Properties location. Once the customer has picked a location to show the data level, the location as well as the name with the data stage should be created the Data Facts or Target Screen text container. Once these details have been inserted, the data stage should be particular in the Target Choices dialog container.

The Data Level Tooltip displays the data meaning and the name of the data point in the chart. Once the mouse is pressed in any of the coordinates, the names of this data items will be demonstrated as well as their number value in the x and y heads. Both of these orders can be accessed in the Goal Options dialog box before the custom setup or lively graph eye-port is available. To encourage the Target Choice, the mouse must be constrained on the vacation spot point, which will cause the cursor to move to it.

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